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COAL X UCO Nightfall Kit

COAL X UCO Nightfall Kit

With initials standing for Utility, Comfort, and Originality, over 45 years of experience in outdoor and lighting gear, as well as a Seattle headquarters, it was obvious to team up with UCO on a Special Edition. Their knack for useful features on everyday products sparked our imaginations (literally) and the Nightfall Kit was born.


1. Coal x UCO custom drawstring pouch. Cobranded and made specifically for this offering, the pouch stores the entire kit with ease.


2. Coal x UCO Candle Lantern. A sturdy metal frame and glass chimney form this lightweight and collapsible lantern. Get up to 9 hours of natural light and ward off bugs with included citronella candle. Easily carried, hung, and stored.


3. Cocoon for UCO Lantern. This patented protective case is constructed from impact resistant ¼” neoprene and provides added security to the already sturdy Coal x UCO Lantern.


4. Coal x UCO Survival Stormproof Match Kit. Waterproof case protects 15 included matches that will light in any weather.


5. Coal x UCO beanie. Designed, made, and tested by the resourceful folks at Coal, this USA made, rib knit, cuffed beanie features a custom camp patch and a black-marled look.





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