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Quick Glimpse: Dirksen Derby 9

Last weekend Mt. Bachelor hosted the 9th Annual Dirksen Derby. Knowing that Coal ambassadors Phil Jacques and Austen Sweetin would be racing, we hopped in the car and headed due south. Mother Nature rewarded the racers and spectators with 3 straight days of powder. Conditions on course were rumored to be slow, but that didn't stop Austen Sweetin and Phil Jacques from taking 3rd and 4th in the Men's Derby Elite Division. During the final category of the weekend, fingers were frozen, camera batteries had died, and the storm was raging on around us. 

Austen Sweetin sped his way to a 3rd place finish. 

He said he was "Juicing" after his run. The smile on his face says the same. 

Hailing from the frozen hills of Quebec, Phil Jacques was a suprise contender for the podium. 

The weather was so cold on race day that several people were bundled beyond recognition. Phil layered a facemask, beanie, base layer, and outerwear to keep warm. 


Photos/Words: Myles Soderstrom