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The Faces and Hats of The Loon Project

People have been taking photos at parties and gatherings since the dawn of cameras. Since we threw a party on snow with Scott Stevens two weeks ago we decided to share some photos from the gathering. There was something about that cool New Hampshire air that had everyone wearing hats, and you can bet your bottom dollar they were Coal.

Coal's Jesse Gouveia with Norwegian import and bowl cut enthusiast, Freddy Perry. 

Coal ambassador, Hamlet resident, and Loon local, Johnny O'Connor basking in the unexpected snowfall. Cool, calm, and collected, Jesse Gouveia. If you've seen Ted Borland snowboard, you knows he's creative. What we didn't know is that he's a creative hat wearer as well, pairing The Winters beanie with The Wilderness cap. The mastermind behind Capita's DOA videos, Mark Dangler. 


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